About us

Who are we?

We share three passions: ecotourism, cultural tourism and the hotel sector. 
A few years ago,  we decided to combine these three passions and make our dream a reallity. 
We are proud to say that we do not work; we collaborate together to develop a healthy tourism and the respect of the nature and the inhabitants of the village, to foment the exchange and the learning of each one, while having fun and profiting from nice and comfortable housing.
Hotel Suites Tlatlauquitepec represents for us everything we are convinced that a family  business involved in the fresh, pure and balanced development of Tlatlauquitepec, while involving its inhabitants.

Our values ​​are: respect, solidarity, generosity, modernity, conviviality and serenity, both for  the visitors we receive and for the inhabitants of the village.

We all remain available for any question you may have! 
- Catalina : cleaner lady
- Oscar : night recepcionist 
- Olivia : day recepcionist 
- Elvia : owner of the hotel
- Aldo : manager of the hotel
- Leidi : day recepcionist
- Fernando : night recepcionist
- Matilde : cleaner lady

We hope to see you soon in our new restaurant: Azotea Cerro Rojo

You cannot miss our amazing view towards the Cerro Cabezón and not forgetting its terrace, its bar and its unique atmosphere!
  • We are very attached to our village and we want to create more opportunities to develop tourism and make it more famous. We want Tltatlauquitepec to be one of the most influential tourist centres of the state of Puebla. 

  • That is why Hotel Suites Tlatlauquitepec is a magic and family place where you can relax and enjoy all the activities we propose!
           (For more information go to the page “Tourist Attractions”) 

                                                                          Hope to see you soon!

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