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Chales: it is the most important craft in Tlatlauquitepec. The shades with colorful patterns  representing prehispanic caricatures of the era are very beautiful. Entirely handmade.

Cestos: the inhabitants of Tlatlauquitepec are famous for the development of wicker baskets.

Cera floreada: There is in Tlatlauquitepec the candle waxing with paraffin flowers whose use  is dedicated to the celebration of religious divinity (generally, catholic).

Tallado de madera: woodworking is common at Tlatlauquitepec, for the delight of sculpture lovers.

Herrería: in Tlatlauquitepec, there are many craftsmen working on iron, making all types of  pieces.

Joyería: the jewelry development in Tlatlauquitepec is quite common and it is very easy to  find a jewel typical of the region.