Fireflies Tour on the lake of the Soledad

During this tour, you will be explained everything about the wines of the region while tasting them! We will then bring you to the miradors of Puxtla and Tenexate cascades before going by boat on the lake to admire the wonderful spectacle of the fireflies. This tour will last around an hour and a half with explanations about this amazing phenomenon. 

  • Departure at 6pm at the zócalo of Tlatlauquitepec
  • Arrival at 12pm at the zócalo of Tlatlauquitepec

The tour includes:

  • Round trip transport
  • Certified guide
  • Boat
  • Life jacket
  • Gastronomic tasting of typical products of the region
  • Traveller insurance

Cost: 399 pesos per person

Cerro Cabezón

The name of Tlatlauquitepec means "the mountain that colors". Indeed, there is the famous  Cerro Cabezón, a beautiful mountain that, at sunrise, is colored red orange. It is recommended to go there to admire beautiful landscapes. There is also a zipline that will permit you to have fun while enjoying the fresh air and landscapes.
Cascada de Puxtla:

It is a magnificent waterfall representing the ecotourism of Tlatlauquitepec:  pure, fresh, and sumptuous.
Historical centre : the attractions that a visitor can’t miss in Tlatlauquitepec are the church of La Asunción, the  parish of San Pascual, the parish of Corazón de Jesús, which is in the district of Huaxtla and called Convento de Santa María Tlatlauquitepec, built by the Franciscans in the sixteenth century, and distinguished by its beautiful Romanesque architecture. 

The main square is very pleasant, and it is recommended to go for a walk to admire the life  of the village.

The market: every week, on Thursday, the village comes alive and you can find all kinds of  things, food or others. There is also the famous "barbacoa" (kind of consommé prepared with mutton) which is delicious and not to be missed.

The Cerrito: colonial style and more rustic, the cerrito is a very pleasant place and a little  more rural, where you will find more natural landscapes.