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Tlayoyos: dish of pre-Hispanic origin. It is a corn dough but usually filled with black beans.

Carnes ahumadas: Tlatlauquitepec is famous for cooking smoked meat. Not to be missed,  delicious.

Garnachas Tlatlauquenses: dish usually sold in small food places at night. It is a corn tortilla  dipped in pork fat, garnished with pork, potatoes and peppers.

Tamales: it is a corn dough, cooked in a pork consommé, in which there are various filing,  generally spicy.

Mole ranchero: This is a pre-Hispanic dish made with pork fat, white onions, various types of  local peppers, tomatoes, cloves and chicken. Be careful, it’s spicy!

Chilponzonte: Prehispanic broth made from pork or chicken, peppers, tomatoes and leaves  of pre-Hispanic plants. Delicious!

Cocadas: these are typical sweets from Tlatlauquitepec.

Truchas: the region of Mazatepec, which is part of Tlatlauquitepec is widely known for its  fresh and delicious trout.

Vinitos Yolixpa: Tlatlauquitepec produces its own alcohols. These are liqueurs based on a  plant of pre-Hispanic origin present in the region: the Yolixpa.

Café: Tlatlauquitepec is a region renowned for its coffee production. You can't miss them!